Ian Mallon Solicitors act for you (the policy holder) when you need to claim against your insurers.

We process both residential and business claims and will handle all aspects of the claim from the first report to the final settlement.

Filing an Insurance claim following a loss can be a stressful and difficult task. Its a daunting challenge to know exactly what your rights and entitlements are.

Insurance Companies by their nature will on occasion try to either turn down or limit claims to the lowest possible amount, sometimes leaving the policy holder at a significant financial loss.

That should not be the case and we can help ensure that your full rights and entitlements are met by your Insurance Company.

When dealing with your claim we will:

  • fully assess your claim and give you practical, clear and concise advice
  • quantify and submit your claim to insurers
  • deal quickly with all queries from insurers and the client
  • keep you informed at all times
  • where necessary appoint the right experts to assist you such as Engineers, Assessors and Architects
  • achieve the best possible terms of settlement for you as quickly as possible