Oil Spills

An oil spill is potentially damaging for your health, your finances and the environment. Never ignore an escape of oil.

As an independent specialist in the field of oil remediation, Ian Mallon Solicitors provides a full range of oil Bioremediation Services, Engineering, Assessing and Legal solutions. As a mark of quality assurance all panel members are fully licensed, certified and regulated by their respective governing bodies, guaranteeing a professional and expert service.

We deliver cost-effective solutions for commercial and domestic properties by using a wide range of advanced bio-remediation techniques and cleaning technologies. Our aim is to minimise damage and disruption incurred by property owners by delivering fast and effective relief to oil pollution events.

Ian Mallon Solicitors provides a full range of services to the public, insurance companies, insurance brokers and loss adjusters. We also provide advice and assistance to Local Councils and Environmental Authorities. We are well versed in the management of oil spills ranging from large commercial spills to small domestic spills.

Ian Mallon Solicitors is at the forefront of providing simple and impartial advice to all its clients, nationwide.